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What is .bar?

.bar (dot bar) is the new domain ending for bars worldwide. And it's the newest and most effective way to market your brand online.

A web address ending in .bar, such as ibiza.bar or originalsin.bar instantly turns your domain name into a relevant and meaningful asset. How? It ensures your website is placed in the official online category for bars; where people and search engines like Google can easily find it. Plus, it looks great.

A .bar domain name can be used as your main web address or it can work alongside your main web address as a compelling marketing tool that directs people to your website (and your bar). Imagine the uplift in engagement when you tweet, instagram or print a link to www.yourname.bar or ask people to email you at hello@yourname.bar.

Why get a .bar?

  • get a short, descriptive and attractive web address that people will remember.
  • join the official online community for bars and place your website in front of consumers and search engines looking for bars and related content online.
  • get worldwide exposure with just one web address – no need for multiple addresses ending with different country codes.
  • get an unforgettable email address for you and your employees (eg. yourname@purple.bar).
  • cut through the noise on the internet by instantly identifying your business as a bar.

The benefits of having a bar industry-specific website vs a generic domain name are innumerable.
Try it and see for yourself… Search for your .bar domain name today.

About new domains

The internet is being reorganised in a way that will enable consumers and search engines to locate content more easily and intuitively. Instead of .com and other generic endings, there are now hundreds of new descriptive domain endings, each assigned to a specific product, industry or specialisation. .bar is the official domain ending for bars around the world.

It's for every type of bar...

From liquor, wine and cocktail bars; to vodka, beach and rock bars; sushi, tapas and snack bars; hotel, pop up, jazz, piano and dance bars; karaoke bars, tequila bars, members bars and dive bars; as well as dumpling and noodle bars, beer bars, theatre bars, cigar bars and many more...

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